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A World of Words
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I'm an Italian woman who lives in Germany and reads mostly in English.
I love dreaming, reading, and writing, and I love translating.

I'm a translator, an editor, and a writer. I just love words: you can create and destroy worlds with your words.

I started translating texts for fun when I was still a student, and I just couldn't stop afterwards. I've translated technical documents, articles, ads, short stories and a couple of novels. Since I love fiction, of course I enjoy translating stories very much.

I published three books for children, and one of my short stories is included in a horror anthology for teens. A few short stories and articles have been published on various websites. Once a month, I create a brand-new short story for the Spot Writers, a project involving four writers and one prompt a month.

I especially like writing about books and stories, but here are some other areas of interest: travel, nutrition, education, spirituality, gardening, herbalism... I also love spending my time researching, so no subject is off-limits, really. A history or science project would most likely tickle my fancy!

As an editor, I am in charge of the teen sector for the Italian publisher Le Mezzelane Casa Editrice. Fairies, Witches, Monsters and the like are my daily bread!

I also love traveling, listening to music, and cats, in case you're interested.

Here is a nice review of my translation into Italian
of the novel Das Liebesversprechen
by the author herself.

So, if you want your next novel to be evaluated or edited before sending it to a publisher, or if you want it translated from English or German into Italian, here I am.

A very nice review of the translations
 I worked on for Aretha Editore.

Need a catchy synopsis of your book, or a witty text for your back cover?
Some writers find it easier to write a 500-page novel, than a 300-word synopsis. If you find yourself stuck on these short but necessary texts,  send me a one-page summary of your story and I'll take care of the boring stuff for you.

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